First Day of December

I love Christmas, especially with kids. I don’t know who was more excited, me or Charlie, that it was December 1st and it was Sunday, meaning we had time to begin decorating on a weekend day.

We had such a busy weekend, yet we still made time to prepare for Christmas and I’m so happy. I love the process of taking down all 17 boxes from the attic and opening them up to discover our treasures.

My favorite boxes contain our collection of ornaments and a piece of our family history. My favorite ornaments are the ones we’ve made or have pictures of the kids through the years with the dates on them.

Juliana turned on Christmas music and Charlie built the manger scene and set it up on the mantle.

We all hung a few ornaments on our chaotic tree.


Juliana says that when she grows up she will have a formal tree and nothing like ours. I like that she has her own mind and vision of how she will be and decorate her own tree one day.

I’m happy that advent has begun and that we are ready to celebrate the season of Christmas. I love this time of year and am happy to be home again to celebrate.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the season!! xo

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