Bag Lady


I carry around this bag from room to room and to my car and back again and I don’t know why. I love bags ands baskets and collections of my stuff. And I particularly like this bag of stuff. It’s my reading bag. In it is the book I want to finish, the latest magazines that have arrived in the mail, my iPad, and my to do lists and current events manila folder filled with all the current mail to be processed, little papers, invitations, receipts and school events that I must keep just in case I need them this month.

I took this bag with me to Charlie’s soccer practice today with the intent that I would work through it while he practiced. But I have another addiction. It’s called my iPhone. Yes, I am addicted to it. I talked with my sister, checked Facebook, sent a couple texts, kept up to the minute with my email, and played rounds of Candy Crush until I didn’t have any lives left. That is pathetic, but true. My poor, lonely bag, that needed attention, just sat there quietly without lighting up or dinging to gather my attention. And the minutes passed by and turned into an hour with Charlie returning to the car after his practice. I really need to get better at enjoying what’s in my bag and “drop” the iPhone addiction…but wait, I think I just earned another Candy crush life. It’s time to play again!


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