6 thoughts on “I am a triangle and other thoughts on repatriation

  1. very lovely explanation, btw, I have been a triangle ALL my life. In fact I might even be a Star but I have to reread this again to decide. When you meet other triangles you know it in your gut. And, I have to admit it really helps me in the business world when I deal with Taiwan, China, Australia, England, South American, almost any country in Europe, etc, etc.

  2. Adriana, thanks for posting this link, I found it to be a great way to visualize/ describe the changes we go through making this life choice. As we begin to think about (though not too much yet) what it will like to be back in the US full-time, concerns of getting back in the swing of things are coming up for all of us. We’re trying to help prepare the kids for this too – would love to get your take on how the kids are handling being back as well. Wishing you all the best!

    • Thank you for writing, Inga. I really enjoyed the visuals too and it helps me to understand better why I feel differently. The kids are great being back. They fell back into their routines and it felt normal to them to be back. They wanted to come back and missed home more than they enjoyed being away. Juliana started a new school, with old friends. Charlie went to the same school with the same friends. And Christian went to a new school, with friends from when he was a baby and from a different elementary school. He also joined a sports team, which has helped to create a sense of belonging. I think the secret for the kids was finding a peer group right away and getting involved with sports and activities. I struggle the most as I was really happy in Holland and had a great peer group and the difference with my peer group there and my friends here, is there we were all sharing a similar experience. We had time to get together all the time. We shared travel stories and bonded over our shared experience and life style and we needed each other. We were all at the same school and shared similar friends. I have great friends here too, but I long for the friendships and shared experiences and travel and adventure and excitement that the expat life created for me and my family, without the same level of responsibilities and obligations you feel when you’re back home. Hopefully that helps you and your girls when you decide to move back home. I’m so happy for you and that you’ve all been making the most of the experience and enjoying it. Enjoy every moment and don’t wish to go back too soon. 🙂

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