What do you look forward to each day? Do you have a routine that makes you happy?

One of my favorite rituals is drinking coffee with Jeff. It’s not just the act of drinking coffee. It goes much deeper than that. I start anticipating the morning cup of Joe the night before. At the end of the day, as I reflect on all that has happened and begin to think and plan for the next day, the thought of coffee together first thing when we wake up makes me happy.

Some nights we grind the beans the night before and set the auto timer on the coffee machine before we go to bed. This way we wake up to the smell of the aroma.

Most mornings Jeff will get out of bed first to make me coffee. I’ll stay where it’s warm and check my phone while the coffee brews. It’s like a little present that I know is coming and I’m excited every time it arrives.

It’s the little things, I swear.

Making me coffee is one way we connect before the show begins. Isn’t everyday a performance? For this little daily moment, shared ritual and token of love, I am thankful.

Oh, I can’t wait for our coffee tomorrow morning! What are you looking forward to doing?

4 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. I too enjoy my morning coffee and look forward to it each morning. We make ours the night before do it brews just before we wake. The best part is my creamy, sweet French Vanilla creamer that makes my cup perfect. This morning we enjoyed our coffee in the hot tub while we watched hummingbirds drinking and splashing in our fountain. What a treat!
    Your post reminds me of a quote I recently heard from a friend at school. She said her husband claims that work is just something he does between his morning coffee and evening wine. I could relate! 🙂

    • I love that you guys got in the hot tub in the morning with your coffee. Your friend’s quote is perfect too. Jeff and I have been enjoying a glass of wine and conversation after dinner too. The bookends of the day – coffee and wine! Love it!!

  2. I lovey coffee in the morning but I’m the one who gets it going for us. I goofed & it should say love my coffee. Chiuck is spoiled as I serve him his food most of the time. Love you lots.

    • I love that you take care of your husband. I think there is a lot to be said for spouses nurturing one another. It should go both ways and I’m sure Chuck takes care of you in his own way too. Have a good weekend! Enjoy the coffee. xo

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