Beautiful San Francisco

20130929-221244.jpgCrissy Field and the Golden Gate

Do you have a favorite place or two?

One of mine is San Francisco.

20130929-221345.jpgView of Alcatraz, above Crissy Field

I’m always in awe of its majesty and love the vibe and feel of just being there.

20130929-221724.jpgAbove Ocean Beach

Today we met up with Apryl and her kids for a quick visit before they had to return to L.A.

It doesn’t really matter what we do when we’re together. We just enjoy hanging out and seeing our kids together too. Do you have a friend like that?

20130929-221857.jpgConcert in GG park

20130929-222014.jpgCarousel building in the park

Life is good, living it up in beautiful San Francisco.

20130929-222113.jpgBeautiful simplicity


Thanks for the visit, my friend!


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