Enjoying the Moment

When we moved back, we decided that on Sundays we wouldn’t make any plans and that we would use this day to rest and to be together and present and to just enjoy whatever came our way.

Of course, things don’t go as planned and I’m ok with that. It’s great to have a plan and then expect it to change. I’d still like to keep this as our plan, but I’m ok when things come up and we decide as a family to go with the flow. Like today.

Jeff had a social work function come up that brought families together and we decided to attend, as a family. Best decision of the day. CJ had to stay back as he’s still recovering from his mouth surgery. But the rest of us went together and had the best time. Thank you to Bonnie for planning, and inviting all of us to your house and giving us the opportunity to enjoy each others’ company. I loved watching the kids play while the adults socialized and enjoyed delicious food and conversation. The highlight of the day was listening to Hyle’s children play the guitar and sing. They were so good!! I love hearing people play the guitar. It’s my favorite instrument. I loved watching and listening to two young teenagers playing together without fear and with confidence and passion. I was so inspired and thankful that they chose to share their talents with us.

They were awesome and I loved hearing their story.

I also loved being near the water and seeing a swan, bringing back good memories from Holland.


How did you spend your Sunday? I hope you took time to relax and refuel and to enjoy those you love.  Have a good week, my friends!

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