Be Inspired

Christian had his first high school, cross country meet today. It was awesome to go and watch him be with his friends, run, and have fun. I’ve never been to a cross country meet before and I was definitely inspired. He was fun to watch, along with his great group of friends.

Someone else was inspired too! Christian is a great big brother!


Luckily I was hyper organized today and was even able to squeeze in a 3 mile run while Charlie had soccer practice and before a technology meeting back at school. I was definitely inspired by Christian today.


What inspired you today and what did you do because of your inspiration?

5 thoughts on “Be Inspired

  1. Oops, I hit send too soon. What I was trying to say is that I LOVE that photo of you!! You look so joyful! That inspired me. 🙂

    xoxo Debbie

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    • Thanks Debbie! I was running around the track, talking to my friend and then taking selfies! I probably would have ran better if I focused more! Oh well! I still had fun. Glad that you’re inspired! Would love to catch up soon!! I ordered my Stella & Dot samples and have yet to get cracking on even hosting my fall launch or booking shows and I have 3 people asking!! Let’s chat!! I need YOU to inspire me again!! 😉

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