Challenging Days

Oops! Yesterday I wrote and forgot to publish my piece as it sat in draft mode all night and day until I looked and discovered my error.

And tonight I began to write after a challenging day, and all I wrote was the title and it accidentally went off into cyberspace before I was ready. Maybe that’s enough said. Maybe when you opened the post you laughed and thought about your own challenging days and wished it was blank like mine.

Believe me. My day was nothing but blank nor quiet nor still. It was a challenging day for several reasons and not one of my best parenting days. I actually sucked at it today and made several mistakes. Luckily I have cool kids who are growing up with me and we are learning together as we figure out this new way of working and living together. I know you have to go through the struggles sometimes in order to grow and become more self aware. That’s the positive spin on it. But when you’re in the thick of it, man is it tough! To all the parents of teenagers, I’m sending you a hug and strength to keep the peace and love alive thru the challenging years in your house.

Now I understand why Kris called the ages of 4-12, the Golden years. Wow, they were good. And as my mama used to say, “little kids, little problems; big kids, big problems.” Well, they’re not that big but definitely more challenging than when they were little.

Here’s to a hopefully more peaceful and less laborious Labor Day weekend! Aahhhh…. Namaste.

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