Discipline and Self Control

This week has been a week of learning and practicing discipline. And I’ve realized I’m not that good at it. I thought I was good at, but I only want to be good at it and still need practice.

I want to be disciplined at eating the right portion sizes. I want to be disciplined at working out everyday. I want to control my yelling when I get frustrated with my kids. And I want to know how best to discipline my kids.

This last thought is where I am most curious and want to learn more. My family is in a state of transition. I know we all are, but moving back and having kids turn into Tweens and teens and starting new schools has brought more changes. I used to have more control over choices and decisions but now their little minds have grown, as they are supposed to, and they have opinions and ideas that are different than mine. Go figure.

I was reading another blogger’s post on discipline around the world and clicked on a link regarding love and logic, a disciplinary approach to raising kids, that piqued my interest. Of course, I didn’t have time to read all of it, but what I did read mentioned that what we are trying to teach our kids with discipline is really self-control. We want them to be responsible for themselves and being responsible for their own behavior is no different than teaching them to be responsible with their school work, chores, and relationships.

So this weekend, I began practicing different discipline approaches and didn’t think of my teaching as discipline, but rather teaching my children self control. I used words to describe expectations and gaps and tried to make connections between their behavior and our reality. I practiced not yelling and reacting and patience and my own self-control.


Maybe my kids will teach me a thing or two about self-control. I’m paying attention and learning too, I hope.

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