The highlight of my day today was swimming with the kids. Typically I sit on the edge and watch them, talking with friends, or reading a magazine eating a snack and having a drink. But today I decided before we left that I would also go swimming.

I actually love swimming and the feeling of being in the water once I’m in. I just don’t like being cold and having to redo my frizzy hair afterwards. That’s what happens when your an adult. Kids don’t think of these things. They just enjoy the pure fun of being in the water.

I swam 15 laps and and also played with the kids. We touched the bottom of 13 feet in the deep end. We did handstands and back flips and got water up our nose. The volleyball was thrown around for awhile and we had water gun fights. I gave Charlie a piggy back ride and held Juliana like she was light and little again.

I loved being in the pool today with them and thought of Irma and how much she loved the water too. It’s great to be a kid (at heart!).

When was them last time you went swimming? It’s never too late for some fun!

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