Today I felt like this flower. Wilted.

Still standing, but feeling kinda heavy.

Nothing in particular but lots of little details that added up to a lot. We had a busy weekend with Jeff returning home, car shopping and buying all day Sunday and Charlie’s birthday party and all day and night celebration yesterday.

Today had the refrigerator repair guy, the Sears washing machine repair guy and the bathroom remodel repair guy all over throughout the day. I had my three kids and two of their friends bopping in and out, and trying to get the kids to read and help with chores in between today was a bit too much for me.

I am exhausted!! Calgon, take me away!!

We still managed a family dinner, our first one with all of us together again, just the five of us at home, which I loved, despite my nag session.

Even though I feel wilted, I know how good life really is. Hope you had a good day! xx

4 thoughts on “Wilted

  1. Adriana, so sorry you feel whipped out. I’m sure all the small bull sh*t details can really add up. I’m not looking forward to those days again. We have been living like gypsies staying in various hotel rooms and with different friends it. An be weird to feel like a floater but I’m still on cloud nine to be in the states. Not looking forward to going back to Amsterdam and not having you there, but just think how easy life will be when school starts again. Sending you my love and a hug to give you energy. Cam

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    • Thanks, Cami!! Just what I needed. The chaos of summer and having big kids talking back was driving me crazy!! I bet you’re loving being home, but the gypsy part is probably a bit challenging with three kids! I miss you already!!

  2. I guess life in Sunnyvale is catching up with you! You have done and accomplished so many tasks and responsibilities in such a short time. It is time you sit back and relax, and enjoy some quiet time. It is totally okay to do absolutely nothing, and sit in your beautiful back yard and enjoy the California sunshine. This is what you have been longing for! I am sending you hugs and kisses and Namaste!

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