Life and Death

Today was bittersweet.

We celebrated life and death on the same day. I felt conflicted. Happy and sad. Yin and yang.

Charlie celebrated his birthday today, so excited to be celebrating his special day that he woke up early around 6 am waiting to go see his birthday surprises that awaited him on the traditionally decorated kitchen table.

I’m not sure what time exactly, but sometime this morning, Irma Kackert began her journey to heaven at the age of 97. Irma was our family neighbor and a mentor to women all around her. She traveled the world and taught swimming to over 1000 children.

We all admired her and feel sad letting her go, even though she was ready. She used to read my blog regularly and would send me private messages thanking me for my writing and sharing my journey. My words helped bring back memories of her traveling days and she would share her stories with me. We had a connection and mutual admiration of each other and I’m going to miss her dearly. God bless you Irma and your family as they adjust to life without you on Earth. You will be missed.

Charlie enjoyed his special day with a pool party and friends. How fitting that he also enjoys the water, just like Irma.

Thinking back to the day he was born and remembering how we didn’t know if he would survive, helps us to really celebrate and enjoy life. He taught me grace and to live in the moment as that was all I had back then for his first two years of life. He gave me the biggest gift, that I enjoy and cherish to this day. Thank you, Charlie! I adore you.

So live it up my friends.

Celebrate life, love and each other.

Godspeed Irma…and be sure to write!


P.S. Photos courtesy of Juliana and Kristine’s Facebook posts today.

One thought on “Life and Death

  1. Thank you adriana for honoring grandma in your post today. I know she loved you too and really enjoyed living vicariously through your travels. Wish you had been there for tonight’s howling at the moon. It was a perfect tribute to grandma. Love you all and hope Charlie had a wonderful bday.

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