Buy a Vacuum, Get A Car Free


I texted my parents today, telling them we bought a new vacuum today. My dad asked if it was electric or push. I told him it needed gas, and was very expensive! It came attached to my new car!!

One of the selling features of the new Honda Odyssey 2014 model is a built in Shop Vac with a hose that stretches the length of the car. It also comes with a sunroof, widescreen tv, cool box for drinks, and seats 8. I didn’t want another minivan, but after sitting in the SUVs with third rows, nothing compared to the Honda. I have big kids now with long legs, and they need leg room and extra seats to carry friends. We tend to carpool and have friends and family over quite frequently who like to travel with us. We also like to take long road trips and having 3 kids sitting side by side doesn’t make for an enjoyable trip. We also don’t travel lightly and need room for five suitcases plus carry-ons. I think we’re going to like our new wheels!

Life is good!


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