Best Part of Being an Expat

Some people have asked me what the best part of living overseas was. There are several experiences we enjoyed. We traveled to new and exotic places. We learned a new language. We immersed ourselves in Dutch culture. We made wonderful new friends and embraced daily life together.

I think that was the best part for me… just sharing time together as a family. We have always been quite involved in each others’ lives. But being in a new country had us depending on one another more than usual. Everything was new and we were sharing these new experiences together.

I have to say the best part of living in the Netherlands was the quality family time we had. I don’t quite know how to describe it, but it was different than the family time we shared at home. There were less distractions. We did a lot as a family unit, and most nights we shared a prayer, conversation and a family dinner. This was priceless to me and something that was more difficult to share back in the States with longer commute times, more hectic sports schedules, harder homework, and more volunteer commitments. Seeing my kids together now back home, I can feel and see the bond between them that we created overseas. I hope it lasts!

Can’t wait for Jeff to get home and join us. The movers came last week and the house cleaner is finishing up tomorrow. A few more steps before he journeys back to us and life can resume as “normal”, whatever that may be as a family.

Saying goodbye to the Aunties and cousins, Hartley style!

Playing in the pool together, not wanting to go home… I love it!!

Life is good! Live it up.

2 thoughts on “Best Part of Being an Expat

  1. Welcome home adriana (and all)! We had a wonderful evening spent at your parents home tonight. Your momma made her famous spaghetti (yum!) and your sisters were there too. I loved being around all of them. Little Cameron amazed us with her singing and dancing, with plenty of hugs and kisses for all. Only downside of the evening was your dad walking into the screen door and injuring his nose. I blame Steve for bringing too much wine! (even if it was me who closed the screen door!). Hope you are settling back into the sunnyvale lifestyle and I hope to see you soon. I’ll be down in TO for a while now to help with grandma and my mom. Love you. Jess

    • Hi Jess – I’m so glad that you’re down South and enjoying yours and my family. Please give your grandma a kiss and hug from me. She sent me many emails thanking me for writing and sharing my journey. She would share connections between hers and my travels and I loved hearing from her. I think she found great joy from reading my memoir and relating it to her experience. I loved that. So glad you’re spending time together now and reading her travel journals and memories and living it up as best possible. Love you all and so happy to share my family with you. Can’t wait to see you again soon! Love, Adriana

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