Day 346: 2 More Sleeps


I didn’t intend to post my post so quickly. We were coming home on the tram from Amsterdam and some how it posted without any content. At least I had a thought for the title for today, and now here is the rest.

After 2 more sleeps, I’ll hopefully be going home. There was an accident today on the runway at SFO and the airport is currently closed. I pray for the families who were on that plane and are suffering from the panic and injuries and tragic deaths.

Whenever something sad happens, I always feel like I shouldn’t be sharing something good…like I should be still.

I’m having my moment of silence…

We worked all morning again today and all our bags are packed. I’ve been weighing and moving stuff from bag to bag to get the proper weights down in each. We have a little hand held scale so we know our limits. The laundry machine is still whirling… Probably won’t stop until we leave! Small, little, slow thing.

Summer finally warmed up here. After working this morning, we all went for a bike ride to my favorite place.


Charlie rode in the bakfiets (the way cool Dutch moms get around town!) because he was pretty tired today. We should probably try to get him to bed before midnight… Maybe next year!! We rode through Ouderkerk along the Amstel river to our favorite little restaurant on the water, Loetje. We enjoyed bitterballen and frites, with cold beers for the adults and ice cream for the boys.


I love being on the water and in the sun… A perfect day!


After we stopped for a snack, we rode along a bit further along the Amstel river and then cut through a farm road to get back home. I love the open spaces, winding river, and farm animals along the way.

After riding for awhile, we came home to shower before meeting up with Ton and Loes for dinner at Momo near Vondelpark. Dinner was fabulous and we enjoyed sharing dishes and sampling all sorts of beautifully and artistically displayed dishes.

Since it stays light out so late and we were enjoying our family, we walked over to De Balie for more drinks and to people watch near Leidseplein.

It was a great, summer evening and we sure enjoyed our 2nd to last evening in Holland for awhile….


Thanks to April and Steve for meeting with aT&T today to set up our Internet and cable for when I get back home, so I can keep on writing! And thanks to my mom and dad for driving to Sunnyvale to get our house ready and to be there to welcome us home in 2 more days. I am so lucky! Love y’all!

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