Day 343: The Space Between

I’m in that space – that in between place, living in the moment and preparing for the next chapter amidst the chaos and joy, filled with anxiety and peace. I think they call this transition. Christine described it as liminality in her blog today as she prepares to move her family and transition to a new community in another state. I totally understand what she’s experiencing. You can read about her transition here: Christine’s blog

My toe nail polish is chipped, my hair is wild and curly, the laundry machine keeps whirling, and the sorting and organizing and tossing has begun and I haven’t worked out in weeks. The kids are loud and a bit crazy, I might add. And I think they actually liked seeing me come a bit undone. I can laugh now, but could you see my head spinning?

One of my mottos is to work hard, first, then play. And today I did just that. I organized and shopped and packed and cleaned all day, knowing that I had something fun to look forward to later.

Barbara invited me to join her for dinner and a boat ride. I can’t even tell you the peace that came over me, being out on the water one more time, and spending time with my dear friend. This was the best anti-anxiety medicine ever! Thank you, Barbara!! You made my day.


Our routines are shaking, our community is changing, and in 5 days I’ll be on another plane heading back home. I’m excited for what’s to come and a little anxious too. I’m sad to be leaving a part of my soul behind with the friends and community that have loved me and my family in this short year. And I’m ready for what comes next, whatever that may be…to hug my family and friends, to resettle in our cozy, little home, and to enjoy all that California has to offer.


7 thoughts on “Day 343: The Space Between

  1. Peace and deep breaths to you my friend!! I will have a glass of Hess and my new favorite salad,” Succotash Salad with Buttermilk Avocado Dressing” waiting for you when you are ready… The transition is just as important as the journey.. It is a part of you and your family… Day by day… See you soon. ☺Xo

  2. We’ll too be welcoming you all back with open arms. Let us know what you need and when you need it. You are just in time to see our landscape gardening start! It does so on Monday …. I said we wouldn’t get it done before you return didn’t I! Well, I know you love such projects – so please come around and see the transformation for yourselves. I expect it to be complete in 5 weeks time …. and then we need to start shopping for furniture! Here’s hoping your transition goes well – I am sure that it will, and we will see you very very soon! xxx

    • I’m so happy for your new project and can’t wait to come see it and enjoy it with you! I’m sure it will be lovely. Happy 4th of July! See you very soon for a potluck BBQ?!? xx

    • It’s been a crazy and magical journey and I’m kinda surprised it’s almost over in four days too! I’ve been soaking it all in and loving this life, right now! Thanks for writing! Wished we could have met in person…all the best to you! I hope you get a chance to rent a car and explore Europe this way. I think you’d enjoy it. airbnb is an affordable way to rent places to stay, if you haven’t tried that yet. All the best!!

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