Day 339: Staycation on Vacation


I believe in accepting what ever comes your way, and even when you have a plan, expect the plan to change. This way you’re never really disappointed.
As we were leaving for London yesterday, Charlie said he wasn’t feeling well. I was wishfully thinking he was just overtired. But today the thermometer and the feel of his skin and his watery eyes told me otherwise.

So instead of touring around London as expected, I got to spend a relaxing day with my little boy sitting on the couch and watching a movie, playing Connect Four and just being a mama. When he fell asleep, I got to enjoy Nate and Becky’s beautiful roof top terrace and sat in the sun with my book and Becky’s iPad. There isn’t wifi here, so I’m unable to use my iPhone or iPad as usual, and thus cannot post pictures from the events this weekend unless I use Becky’s iPad to take photos or leverage some from Facebook!

When everyone else came back, they all joined me on the terrace, including Charlie for some snacks and a family game of Pictionary.

We had tickets for the theatre tonight and Jeff graciously volunteered to stay home with Charlie. Poor kid. It was so sad to leave him behind when he really wanted to go, but his fever had other plans. The theatre district in London includes several different theatres in a general vicinity. Juliana and I went to see Mathilda and Nate, Becky and Christian went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as we couldn’t get enough tickets for Mathilda, and Becky was able to find tickets for the other show at the same time for everyone else. Both shows were fantastic and we enjoyed the evening at the theatre. The weather is warm, like California and I loved being outside tonight. I’m hoping Charlie feels better tomorrow and his fever breaks so that we can enjoy Sunday,all together as a family.

How was your day?  Did things go as planned?  Hope it was a good one.  xx

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