Day 305: A Friend From Home

There is something really awesome about having a friend from home come to town for a visit. Julie arrived this morning and is spending the night. She brought treats for the kids – bubble gum, Jolly Ranchers and Goldfish crackers, that made them so happy. I was happy to hear her laugh and to listen to her stories about her kids and work and family. There is a comfort in having this reconnection again and it makes me excited to be able to play tennis again and share our stories as we enter the next chapter of high school with our kids. Julie and I have been friends since our boys were in preschool and she was one of my role models in deciding to have a third child. I’ve always admired her and am so glad she chose to come see us as part of her work trip to London.

She endured the children’s spring fair with me at their school, and meeting some of my local friends before we headed up to Amsterdam for dinner.




We dropped the kids off at home and took the tram into the city. The sun was shining later in the day, so it was actually nice to be walking around the canals together.



This last picture was taken at 9pm at the Westerkerk by the Anne Frank House. So gorgeous out tonight. We enjoyed a nice, quiet Thai dinner before heading back home on the bus.

Life is good. Happy Memorial Day, Veterans!!

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