Day 292: The Simple Beauty of Swans and Ice Cream

We were so tired today that I let the kids sleep in and skip school. We needed a day of rest. They woke up at 10:30 am!! We weren’t ready to really move or get out of the house until 3pm. After coming home from a long trip, there’s more work to do like putting away luggage, lots of laundry, grocery shopping and sorting all the stuff.

I’ve adopted the Dutch way of going to the grocery store and buying what we need for dinner that day and buying what looks fresh, available and on sale. For tonight’s dinner, Charlie picked steaks for the grill, baked potatoes, Chinese broccoli and I picked whole carrots to roast with balsamic, Dijon, a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper.

While I was preparing dinner, the little ones were out riding bikes. Juliana came home and told me I had to come with her quickly. My first thought was something happened to Charlie, but she had a smile on her face. I jumped on my bike and headed up the road with her, as she requested and dropped everything. (I’m listening to all the wise women who tell me to enjoy them while they’re young!)

What she shared, made my day!



A little swan family!! How adorable are the babies??

And just yesterday we were at the Swan Castle, Neuschwanstein! King Ludwig’s favorite animal was the swan and the swan motif played throughout his castle.

Swans mate for life and protect one another. Seeing this family swimming and eating together and my family enjoying them made me happy. While we were visiting with the swans, our neighbor Peggy walked by with her dog. I really love the feeling of a small neighborhood, and really love the simplicity of life…Shopping, cooking, playing, experiencing nature, visiting with friends, and being with my family.

Afterwards, we came home and finished preparing dinner together. During dinner, I told the kids we were cutting out junk food from our kitchen! I didn’t buy any today,except for one box of cereal. I want our family to eat more delicious and nutritious foods, not that we don’t already, but we also snack too much. But the irony of the conversation came when the ice cream man came by, playing his music and parking outside our front window. In the spirit of letting the kids be kids, and enjoying the moment, we let them go outside and splurge! I hope they remember their fun parents one day when they think we don’t know anything! And I’m not saying they can’t have junk food, but I don’t have to keep a stash in the house, readily available. Yin and yang, it’s all the same!


Life is good. Hope you had a good day and got outside to play!


Goodnight, from Holland.

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