Day 285: Sunny and I’m Inside?

20130506-202016.jpgIt was warm and sunny today and all I wanted to do was be inside. We had a very fun and busy weekend and I needed some down time to catch up with paper work and photos, to relax and cook, and I just wanted to be home, sipping a cup of tea.

I felt guilty for being inside because it’s not what you do in Holland when the sun is out. It’s almost, well not almost, it’s expected that you be outdoors because you never know for how long the sun will shine and it might rain and be cold again tomorrow.  I felt torn for declining an invitation to go for a bike ride with Patti Beth into the city because I wanted to be two places at once. I made the right choice for me, but it was so hard to choose between two great options and saying no to biking made me a little sad. Especially when I heard from Patti Beth how much fun she had meeting up with friends and walking through Vondel Park and that it might rain on Wednesday. *Sigh*

In California, I never thought twice about staying inside when the sun was out because the sun is always, well, almost always out. I got used to having nice weather almost every day, so making plans to be outside when the sun was out would be a little weird. Granted, most days I was outside playing tennis, running, hiking or sometimes sneaking away to the beach. But I never thought about it this way… that I should take advantage of the sunshine while I had it, because, well – we always had it and there wasn’t a shortage. It’s strange how one’s mind can shift.  But today, I was thinking like a Californian and enjoyed the sun shining in my windows while I got caught up, cooked dinner and cleaned up all the dishes before kid pick up, and enjoyed the peace and quiet. There is something to be said for slowing down and enjoying the simple things, and today was one of those kinda days.

Beautiful, simplicity. Charlie picked this flower for me yesterday.

Beautiful, simplicity. Charlie picked this flower for me yesterday.


The makings of Pho Soup


Mama Bowl

One of our family favorite dinners - simple Pho.

Papa Bowl

3 thoughts on “Day 285: Sunny and I’m Inside?

  1. All I can say “How did you become so damn cute?” I just love you, and who you are as a person. You make me smile, and my heart melts thinking of you my angel! Your mama

    • Life is good, mama, and I choose to live it up every day. Even when I’m sick or tired, I choose to see what’s good. I love and miss you! xoxo. Thank you for the compliment. 🙂

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