Day 281: Archeon – History Field Trip Today


Charlie was so excited that I was chaperoning his field trip today. I’m so thankful that he still wants me to be with him and that I am able to volunteer. We took an hour long bus ride to Archeon, a hands-on history museum that let us explore prehistoric times, the Roman period and the Middle Ages.

There were movies, hands on exhibits, Roman leaders guiding us, playgrounds, villages, themed street performers, dress up, and all sorts of games to play.


We all had a fabulous time, even though the weather was still pretty chilly still in May. I was most impressed with how the Roman soldier was able to quickly teach the kids commands and was able to get their attention and have them follow his orders. I took a few discipline parenting tips home with me!


Charlie’s favorite activity was the spear throwing. I even got a chance to try it too, and quickly learned I need some practice. It looks easier than it was.



One part of the exhibit taught the kids about the Roman baths. They got to learn about how the rich Romans were the ones getting massages and all the kids took turns giving each other hand massages. Charlie wasn’t too keen on this idea and passed when it came time for his friend to return the favor. He doesn’t like to be oily, or dirty. I would have loved it.




One thing that struck me was all the safety hazards that would never be allowed in California. They had candles and fires burning unattended. The playground was one of those really big, fun, wooden structures, with speedy metal slides. All of these are slowly being removed from California parks and replaced with plastic ones, which aren’t nearly as fun or dangerous. I miss the old ones, and I love that the kids got to play without all the worries.





Another thing I got a kick out of was watching the kids play tug of war. They all seemed really into it and I just loved the good, old-fashioned, worry free, fun.



Life is good.




So long…farewell…until we meet again. Goodbye.


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