Day 278: Almost Queens Day


I’m excited to be living in Holland for the last Queens Day. The anticipation is exciting. The kids all wore orange to school today to celebrate. I can only imagine what it will look like tomorrow.

Tonight Jen organized a group of friends to meet up in Valeriusplein for drinks and appetizers and to let the kids run around and play outside. We all hung out until the sun went down behind the buildings and the wind picked up. The kids were so cute, climbing trees, playing soccer and football and running around together.



The parents also seemed to be having fun too, chatting and eating and making plans for tomorrow too.

As I write this, fireworks are going off in different parts of the city. People have been out all day setting up their yard sale spaces along the prime street space. They are camping out over night, setting up canopies and flags and banners, tables and chairs. I love watching and am excited to wake up early tomorrow morning to jump on my bike and go shopping at all the kids’ stalls. We are going to ride through our town and through the forest, and into Amsterdam to Vondel Park, which I hear is hosting the sales of all sales! Mama and Pops, I wish you were here to go with me! It’s gonna be a sea of orange and celebration and patriotism. I can’t wait to mingle with locals and tourists and to meet up with friends and live it up with all the Dutchies!

Tot ziens!

8 thoughts on “Day 278: Almost Queens Day

    • I keep trying to reply and losing it, so hopefully this doesn’t post three times!! Thanks, honey!! I love all my Stella & Dot loot, Jubees is happy with her new clothes and the kids with all their snacks! Oh and the BBQed ribs and Phil’s ciopinno?!? Wow!! You’re so amazing. I love you man! thank you!!

  1. Wish I was there too! This is the biggest celebration of the year in the Netherlands. Many years ago I was selling my stuff in “het Vondelpark” together with a friend. Enjoy this special day and say hi to our new King and Queen!

    • If this wasn’t my first and only year I would love to be selling in het vondel park too! I’m just so excited to be able to be here and told the kids I’m waking them up early to go experience the whole thing!! Wish you were here too!

    • Aww, thank you Pauline!! I love my friends- it must show! Do you like the new Stella & Dot scarf? Just got it today – Jeff just got back from the States and brought me some new updates!!

  2. The Dutch are a proud people, and they love their country! I feel the same way because my heart still belongs to Holland , even though I am an American, and also very proud of the USA. It is a joy to love both countries because they are so beautiful , and they have so much to offer. Both countries have been good to my families, and still are. I pray for our queen as she steps down, and that the remainder of her life will be blessed with good health. I will also pray for our new king, and that he may reign with great insight, and wisdom for the people of the Netherlands! Long live our new king!!!

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