Day 269: SUPing in the Wind and Art, Wine and Cheese Fair

We had a great busy day. The kids don’t have sports this season, so our weekends are free. Free for me to play, and play I did. Jeff and I went for a run together in the morning. He’s a lot faster than me now and has been running more regularly. I am so proud of him.

I brought my new paddle board onto the water today. Jeff helped me find the place and park our car and unload my board. It’s quite large and bulky, and a bit heavy, but actually lighter than my board back home. Too bad the wind was so strong. I did have fun, but it was a struggle to paddle upwind. I was afraid I was going to fall in. Two of the other paddlers did take a dive!! We ended up not doing the tour as planned because it was just too choppy. At least the sun was out!!



We rushed back afterwards to get ready for an art, wine, and cheese fundraiser. It was a great evening with Jeff and my girlfriends!! Life is good!!





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