Day 257: Starting to Feel Like Spring


Waiting to spring…

In Holland, the kids had their spring break last week and in California, their break starts now. I love having a break in our routine and welcome change and then I like to go back to the structure and appreciate when school starts up again and we get back to “normal” (whatever that is!).

After dropping the kids off at school, I came back home and went to yoga again. It’s nice to see familiar faces, learn a little Dutch, and stretch and feel grounded again. One lady in class was probably in her 70s and I was so inspired watching her do down dog.

After yoga, I went to the dreaded IKEA for a 2 hour tour! I was in search of patio furniture and couldn’t decide. We had vouchers from spending money there earlier this year and they were redeemable now. I hate leaving money on the table and didn’t want them to expire. I finally walked out with some chairs and benches, cushions and covers, decorations and a little storage locker to keep the cushions dry. Now our back patio is almost ready for spring and summer! I can’t wait. We got a little teaser today with the sun shining until 8:00 pm, but it still is very cold. I tried wearing flip flops outside but it’s not yet that kinda weather!


Lunch outside with the new chairs and cushions…notice it’s soup and not a salad! It’s still so cold, even though the sun is shining.


My little handy man! He loves to assemble furniture and to be helpful.


I love how she came home from school and set up homework camp outside on the new set up. 

For my friends back home, enjoy the break, and for my friends here, I can’t wait to catch up and hear about all your adventures. Have a good week! – A.

One thought on “Day 257: Starting to Feel Like Spring

  1. Even though it is still cold outside where you live, you felt spring was in the air because the sun is shining. I love that!!!! Your out door furniture is looking very inviting. I can see that Juliana wanted to sit outside to enjoy the sun. So cute she is wearing that heavy jacket. I love all the positive attitude!!! Love you!

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