Day 256: Family Sunday

This morning I woke up and enjoyed a cappuccino, sitting in my rocking chair, and watching the day unfold. We didn’t have a set plan, besides going for a run together and possibly a bike ride and a family dinner at home. I like Sundays like this. My typical wake up routine is to drink my coffee, check email, check Facebook and Instagram, play words with friends and plan my day while playing.

I read and follow several bloggers and today I met Fionna Lynne and fell in love with her writing.

Check her out: Fionna Lynne’s blog

She had an entry titled 31 Days to Embrace Expat Life that perfectly sums up so many of my own thoughts and learnings. Her Day 10: being family to friends, really touched me. In the short time we have been here, we have made so many good friends. These friends are like our family away from home and I want to be with them and help them and enjoy life with them. As I was reading, I decided right then that we had to invite friends for a Sunday dinner. I would like to do that every Sunday that we are home! Who’s up for dinner?? Danielle and I were texting each other about another event and I asked if they could come join us tonight. Luckily, they said yes, and brought their fun friend Jill along.

I love when we entertain because it makes me declutter and clean up our house as a family. And we are so casual, so there’s no need to stress ( although I always do!) even though it always works out. We made appetizers, pan roasted chicken and potatoes, broccoli, salad with toasted pine nuts and ranch dressing, and bread. Juliana made April’s rum cake and voila – we had a Sunday family dinner.


Afterwards, we skyped with my family back in California. I was so happy they picked up the call and that I got to see them all. It made me cry, missing them! The little ones are getting so big and are so funny. My mom and dad are so loving and cute. I need to hug them again! Soon enough… Thank goodness for Skype!



I also got to google chat with April for a few minutes. The time change is sometimes challenging to connect with each other. But tonight all was good, and I got my family and friend fix, near and far.



4 thoughts on “Day 256: Family Sunday

  1. I so loved seeing the whole family on Skype . You guys are just so cute, and it made my heart melt with love. I am so lucky to have this amazing family. I cannot wait to have you home again !!!

    • You’re welcome. I kept nodding my head, as I read through your days, thinking some of the same thoughts you had written many times before. I found your blog through SheLovesMagazine and your Never Have I Fled post and could so relate. You have such a gift! Keep up the good work, sister!

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