Day 252: SUP Dubai


The warm weather, water, sun, sand and SUP made me happy today. I love being on the water, especially when it’s hot out. We took a taxi out to the one place we could find where we could rent a board. The municipality laws changed in Dubai two weeks ago and they’ve outlawed rentals on public beaches. Luckily for me, Jeff found this place that I had missed in my Google search for Sup in Dubai.

Life is good!



When I’m out on the water, I just feel at peace. Usually I’m alone taking in the sites, feeling the sun, working up a sweat, listening to the sounds of the water lapping at the front of my board, and enjoying the mysteries of the ocean, and feeling the water on my toes. Don’t you want to come supping with me? It’s the best!


We also rented one of those banana boat inner tube things and all five of us went out behind a ski boat for 20 minutes. I laughed and smiled the entire time. I can’t say the ride was experienced quite the same way for someone else on the banana! The views from the water were amazing and bouncing around on top of the water just made my day.

Tomorrow we are heading home, where the weather is more than half the temperature of Dubai’s. :-(. Goodbye, bathing suit. Hello, down coat.

8 thoughts on “Day 252: SUP Dubai

  1. Your description of your experience on the banana boat thing reminds me of our wave runner ride together in Florida. Remember how we laughed and screamed the whole time?!? I still have a small scar on my thumb from where I was bleeding from the brake lever and didn’t even know it!! :)). Makes me smile just thinking about it. Love hearing about your adventures in Dubai!!! Oh and I would love to SUP with you! 🙂

    • Oh my gosh Christina, I totally remember that day and the permagrins we had! I remember the lighting and just loving every minute of it like it was yesterday! We sure had some good times together. Hope you’re all having fun back in Florida! Lets SUP soon when you bring your family out to California and come stay with me! I’ll have two boards when I return. xoxo

    • Omg – he was gritting his teeth, hanging off the back for dear life! I don’t think he’ll go again! I loved SUPing in Dubai…wished you were there with me! Enjoy the sunshine. It’s freezing back home!

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