Day 250: Living It Up at The Atlantis, Dubai


Who would have thought when we decided to move to Holland that we would get to discover so many other parts of the world? I Am amazed!!

Today we spent the entire day at the Atlantis Hotel with Patti Beth and her family. We started off at the Aqua Adventure water park and stayed there until it closed at sundown. We all had huge smiles floating down the lazy river, falling down huge slides, and dropping in on the sharks. Everyone was warm and happy in the water.

Afterwards, we explored the Lost Chambers, an aquarium inside the hotel that was amazing. Every display was interesting to see and watching the sharks swim with schools of fish was mesmerizing. There were a few touch tanks where we touched sea stars, horse shoe crabs, and small rays.

The hotel itself is like Disneyland. I especially loved the Chihuly glass display in the lobby. The kids and the adults were all having fun together and still wanted to hang out, so we ventured out to the Royal Pool and let the kids go night swimming until they closed it down. It was a gorgeous warm night, so we chose to sit outside and enjoy a Mexican dinner together.

We enjoyed our day in the sun – not too hot and definitely not cold.

Life is good.




4 thoughts on “Day 250: Living It Up at The Atlantis, Dubai

  1. What an unbelievable place. I’m so happy your family has the opportunity to be someplace warm after the long, cold winter in the Netherlands. I’m sure you appreciate the warmth even more. The underwater painting is so colorful and full of movement–thanks for sharing!

    • We are really trying to experience as much as we can while living abroad. Dubai was fascinating to see once – probably not a place I’d come back to visit though. I miss living in California and the constant sunshine. It is something I really miss and knew I would when moving here, but its worth the price to have the experience. I’m glad you’re enjoying the pictures and sharing the journey with me, Kris! Lots of love to you.

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