Day 248: Easter in Dubai

We are on an airplane on our way to Dubai for Easter. I would have never dreamed of spending Easter this way. It’s been snowing and freezing in Holland and we needed to go someplace warm for spring break. It’s supposed to be 80+ degrees Fahrenheit all week. I am so excited and sure hope the Easter bunny can find us!

Typically we try to spend Easter at the beach with April and Steve. However the last couple of years have been cold in Capitola, and I think it’s supposed to rain there tomorrow too. My parents like to go motorcycle riding in the desert for the holidays. What do you like to do for holiday celebrations?

It was a 7+ hour flight, and i didn’t hear any complaints. In seat movies and games make traveling with kids super easy. We flew on Emirates which is one of the top airlines in the world. I also think our kids have gotten used to traveling, which I really appreciate.

We flew over Baghdad Iraq, and Syria. That felt so strange to me. I am excited to explore a new part of the world to me.

Wishing you a Happy Easter!!

6 thoughts on “Day 248: Easter in Dubai

  1. Happy Easter, Hartleys! We’re in Chico enjoying the sun. The kids are in and out of the cold pool and hot tub, and getting their homework done. But tomorrow, it’s supposed to rain. Enjoy your Easter in the sun!

  2. Happy bunny day wonderful Harltley’s!! We are also in Chico soaking up the sun and relaxing!! Hope Dubai gives you a smile…:) xo!!

  3. Enjoy your warm vacation! We are having a blast in the Mohave Desert with Pam and family. They are staying in our trailer and remembering Dan when we would all play family fun games and hide Easter eggs.
    We hope your Easter will be memorable and we love you!!!

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