Day 247: Good Friday and Good Kids

The kids were off from school today. Too bad there were still snow flakes falling off and on today. The sunlight is deceiving as its still bitter cold and almost April! They all stayed home this morning with Kelly’s kids while we played our tennis match. It was the last game of our tournament and we lost in a tie breaker. What a bummer! We rushed home to the kids and skipped the traditional coffee afterwards bought by the winners.

I was going to take the kids into the city to do some shopping at the Oneill store. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to go anywhere. They too don’t like the cold and I think they like being home with unstructured time. Juliana went to the Amstelveen mall where we were so disappointed to not find any shorts or tee shirts. How could that be possible? We went to the grocery store instead.

I asked Christian to plan dinner tonight. I said he had to pick what we were going to eat and then had to print and follow a recipe step by step and I would be his assistant. I would go to the store and pick up his ingredients. He struggled for a long time just deciding what to make. He finally decided on Vietnamese pho. The other two wanted to make something as well. Charlie and Juliana made pizza croissants out of tomato sauce, cheese, and garlic butter. She also made cheese crisps.

The soup was so delicious! We will definitley make this again and I’m thankful that my kids are so fun to be around(most days!)

Love, Adriana




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