Day 238: AmsteRandom

It is so cold today and to think that tomorrow is the first day of spring is crazy. I’ve somewhat adjusted to the cold, but being outside in it for several hours was just nuts! My hands and feet hurt from being numb and frozen. I’m just saying…

I’m happily riding the warm bus back to pick up the kids from school.

View of Olympic Stadium from the 170 bus.

The good part of wandering in the cold was being with friends, getting some exercise and seeing new random places in Amsterdam. I love this city almost as much as San Francisco.

Random mitten art in the Joordan.

Old man and his cat

In the Leidseplein, where the ice rink used to be, they are setting up the outdoor tables anticipating and wishing for warm spring weather and customers.

Building was taken over by squatters in the 1970s. The snake represents the squatters.

One of the smallest canal houses in Amsterdam is the middle red one.

Bike fishing.

Friends departing on their bikes, waving as they go.

Tot ziens!

3 thoughts on “Day 238: AmsteRandom

  1. Ok Seriously, you need to ask if you can go into that house just so we can see how the layout is. That is one tiny house. Do you know who far back it goes???
    Thanks for sharing as usual!!!

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