Day 229: Istanbul, Day 3 – And Home Again

We like to travel and we like to go for a few days and then come home again. We pack as much as we can into 3 days and then we’re exhausted and ready to come home again. I wonder if this is a good travel strategy.

Today was our last day in Istanbul. We visited two fascinating landmarks,the Blue Mosque and the Basilica Cistern, and walked through the gardens of Topkapi Palace. We visited and shopped at a unique pottery shop and brought home a couple colorful, handmade Turkish pieces. We got such a laugh out of the Turkish ice cream vendor who entertained us for several minutes on the street. Again, it’s the little things that bring such joy .

Prayer beads on the floor in the women’s only section of the Blue Mosque.

Part of the ceiling in the Blue Mosque.

The Underground Cisterns. It was dark and eerie, and really cool, especially with the fish swimming in the water. If you go, look for the Medusa heads.

The upside down Medusa head in the Cistern.

Colorful Turkish pottery.

Ice cream time.

Saying goodbye to our friends always makes me sad. Topkapi Palace Gardens.

But seeing this guy made me laugh! What the heck??

Back on the Amsterdam train to bring us home again.

We had a great trip with our worldly little travelers, and spending time together with our friends. I am thankful that we were able to see another part of our big, wonderful, diverse world.

Life is good.

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