Day 227: Istanbul

If you don’t have a dream or two or three, please hurry up and get one, have one, and/or make one up. I dreamed of doing something fun and different with my husband, and it changed my life dramatically. I was dreaming that we could do something together, and shazam! Welcome to Istanbul! How did I get here?

I didn’t exactly dream of going to Istanbul one day, but I was seeking excitement and something new to learn and experience together besides housework, homework, and take-home-work. And now all these great things are happening. I also have a very, very, good friend that I love to see as often as possible and wherever possible, and she was planning a trip to Istanbul. I like to invite myself to go wherever she is going, if its possible for me to join her, since I can’t live right next door to her anymore.

So Here I Am…on a new adventure In Istanbul with my family and waiting for her to arrive!

Istanbul is a magical city with so much to see and smell and take in. I’ll share some pictures from our first day here. I especially loved all the colors, walking through the Grand Bazaar and Spice Markets, and being on and near the water. What a cool experience! I was only afraid of losing each other and getting pick-pocketed because it was so crowded, but all was well! The worst part was all the vendors trying to talk to us and lure us into their shops. That part was quite repetitive and annoying.



20130309-230057.jpg Spice Market where we got some Turkish Delight

20130309-225924.jpg Jellyfish in the dark blue water of the Bosporus.

20130309-230717.jpg Walking across the Galata Bridge with all the fisherman.

20130309-231720.jpg in Asia, looking across the Bosporus with the Kiz Kulesi Tower.

20130309-231903.jpg Hagia Sophia at night, in the rain. So spectacular looking and we haven’t even been in yet!

Sweet dreams!

6 thoughts on “Day 227: Istanbul

  1. Loved this post. Frank and I will be visiting Istanbul in September as the introductory part, prior to our river cruise on the Danube River. This will be in celebration of our 60th wedding anniversary. After a few days in Istanbul, they fly us to Bucharest to begin the river cruise part. Really looking forward to our trip. I know all is going well for you because I read every post. Keep having and enjoying your wonderful adventure! Rosaine

  2. Have fun, yesterday we watched ‘skyfall’ and we decided Istanbul is on top of our list, so let me know what you liked the best!

    Enjoy, Enjoy! Pauline xo

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    • We loved most all of it! Grand Bazaar, Dinner with a view at the Seven Hills, Hagia Sofia, the Underground Cisterns, Blue Mosque, ferry ride over the Bosporus and into Asia… The food, the friendly vendors, the culture, the people… Go!! It’s so unique and so much history to absorb and feel.

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