Day 226: Celebrate Women

My husband brought me flowers today to celebrate women. I guess it’s International Women’s Day today.

What a great day to be a woman!

There are so many interesting and inspiring and loving and beautiful women in my life. I am so blessed and grateful for all those who share their light and struggles and grace and love and laughs and stories and life with me. I have so much to learn from you beautiful souls. We have so much to share. We are blessed.

I hope you take a minute to say a prayer and acknowledge one or two or three special women in your life.

I love you my mama!
I love you Jubees!
I love you Kimmy!
I love you Tricia!
I love you sister cousins!
I love you my nieces!
I love you girlfriends!
I love you aunties!
I love you little ones!


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