Day 223: Bring on Spring!


Everyone is sharing and talking about the weather. The sun has been out for two days and everyone and everything is happy, including the flowers and ladybugs and butterflies that are now appearing again. People are out sitting on park benches and smiling and enjoying the nice weather. I love it and am smiling too.

I’m filling up my cup while I can.


20130305-224720.jpg More of nature’s surprises.


Today I Am… missing and remembering my grandpa who died on this day 17 years ago. xo

6 thoughts on “Day 223: Bring on Spring!

  1. I really miss the snowdrops now I live in the US. And later in the Spring, if you go to special woods, you will be Blue-bells too. Enjoy!

  2. I am home sick for Holland when I see these beautiful pictures. I remember all the flowers that just appeared after the snow had melted and the weather became a little warmer. The little white flowers are called snowdrops or the Dutch word “sneeuw klokkjes”. I just loved these little flowers!
    Enjoy these moments Adriana, because you will not see this in Southern Cslifornia.

    • Oh thanks for sharing that with me mama- I was wondering if someone planted the snowdrops. They are so pretty and unexpected. :-). I’m sorry you feel homesick for Holland. My friend from Los Altos said the same thing!! I guess we all have a sense of home!

  3. I am so glad you remembered grandpa! It is unbelievable that he has been gone for 17 years already . He was an amazing man, and the memories of him are imprinted in our hearts forever!!!!!

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