Day 217: I Love the Sun!!

The sun peeked out again today and I wanted to do my happy dance! When I don’t see the sun for awhile and then it shows up again, it makes me extremely happy! I am a warm weather girl! When Jeff was looking to go to business school, I begged for Stanford and not Chicago or Harvard! I don’t do well with the cold and gloomy skies.

Today I showed up at a function with a lavender, North Face down vest (trying to add a bit of color to my gray and black outfit), and my long, black, down filled North Face coat(that I wear everyday!!) and my friends teased me saying it wasn’t THAT cold! They just don’t know me well enough yet and they’re from Minnesota, so they just don’t understand! πŸ™‚

Here are some pictures of the beautiful sky that cheered me up today, as I’ve been homesick since Friday. I also bought some Vitamin D tablets today. I feel better now!





So beautiful, right? I would take pictures of the grey skies so you can see what most days look like here in the winter. No wonder people look so forward to the spring here! At least it’s starting to stay lighter, longer. Summer is coming!!

2 thoughts on “Day 217: I Love the Sun!!

  1. Maybe by now you understand why so many dutch people like to go skiiing. Blue skies and sunshine on a white mountain are the perfect excuses to escape from the grey skies during winter😊😊😊 one more month to go before spring entersπŸ‘ Hang in there mrs Sunshine 😊😊😊

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