Day 208: Paris, Day 2


I could go on and on about what I love about Paris, but the thing I love the most is the natural light and its glow reflecting off buildings and the water. I kept stopping just to admire the light. Well, I also stopped to look in bakeries, and cute boutiques and to admire the vast architecture of old buildings. There is so much wonder in Paris, that I was constantly in awe.

Here are some pictures from the day.

20130218-230817.jpgGood morning, Paris!

20130218-230931.jpgGood morning, Eiffel Tower.

20130218-230944.jpg Good morning, Louvre.

20130218-231238.jpgHello, Venus De Milo.

20130218-231350.jpg Jeff and I in a thousand years.

20130218-231645.jpgYear of the snake?!?

20130218-232410.jpg The infamous Mona Lisa

20130218-232639.jpg Love locks on a Parisian Bridge.

20130218-232829.jpg Saint Chappelle.

Warm afternoon sunlight.

20130218-233209.jpg Sweet couple gazing in the Sweet Shoppe at night.

20130218-233234.jpg Lollipops!

20130218-233702.jpgNotre Dame at night.

What a great, cold,long day it’s been. Namaste.

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