Day 206: Amsterdam Tourist

The fun part of having guests in town is being a tourist again. It was fun to explore some familiar sites of Amsterdam again, even though we’ve already see them, but this time with a little more depth.

We went with April and Steve and the kids through Amsterdam today, walking down PC Hoofstraat, Museumplein, and Vondelpark. We were wandering around while we waited for our 1:00pm departure on the Blue boat canal ride. We had been on the cruise before and love it every time. It gives you a great view of the city.







We stopped for a warm up lunch at Wagamama!

Life is good! I hope you enjoyed seeing another bit of Amsterdam with me. What’s your favorite tourist place?

2 thoughts on “Day 206: Amsterdam Tourist

  1. We have been to Amsterdam three times and enjoyed our visit each time. However, it was many years ago. I believe the first time was around 1975 and then another visit in the ’80’s.
    We visited the Anne Franck house before they covered her bulletin board with plexi. We were also allowed to climb the little stairs and explore the attic. A lot of changes were in place the last time I was there.
    During the 70’s and 80’s was the “Hippie” period and you could see the American Hippies lined up at the Western Union office to get their checks from home. The police or firemen would come in the afternoon with hoses and wash down Damn Square because of the litter and debri left there by the Hippies. Actually, it was a little embarrassing to see young Americans behaving so poorly.
    Most everywhere else in Amsterdam was clean and tidy. The countryside and smaller towns were spotlessly clean. Even the sidewalks were washed each day.
    The last time I was in Amsterdam was in the later 80’s when I was with one of my student European travel groups. We were lucky to get to stay in Dutch homes for a few days while there instead of hotels. Amsterdam was the last city on our three week tour and most of the kids bought copies of the Anne Franck book to read on the plane going home. It was especially meaningful to them after visiting the Franck “safe house.”
    London and Paris are two other favorites. Of course I must also include all of Spain. Frank’s mother and father immigrated from Spain and we have been there twice. Frank was able to find and meet some of his cousins the last time we were there. Also, having someone with you who can speak the language is very helpful, especially when you want to explore some of the backroads, etc.
    I can tell you and your family are having a wonderful experience. I enjoy reading about it. Rosaine

    • Rosaine – you have been so lucky to travel all over the world too! I’m glad you’re enjoying our adventure too, and it sounds like it is bringing back great memories for you. Hope all is well!! xo

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