Day 201: Clara Maria Cheese Farm and Clog Factory Tour


It is below zero out today! And it feels like it really is freezing! I was standing outside in the parking lot, trying to chat with friends with my boots, scarf, and down coat on but I couldn’t stay outside for long. It was that cold! So when we were looking for something to do today, we weren’t all that excited to be touring the streets of Amsterdam. Luckily it wasn’t raining, because that would have been even worse.

I took April and Steve to our local cheese and clog farm because I could easily park and go inside with them. Luckily the farmer was available today and chose S to help with the clog making demo. I got a kick out of watching her learn and helping the farmer. She got to take home a souvenir, a hollowed out clog trophy with their family name on it.



We learned about the cheese making process and they bought some gifts to take home.

The cheese is made from the dairy cows on the farm.

It was our lucky day as two new calves were born today and yesterday and we got to see the farm animals too.




Cheese, clogs and cows – not a bad way to fight jet lag!

5 thoughts on “Day 201: Clara Maria Cheese Farm and Clog Factory Tour

    • I’m not sure. I went into the barn and saw what they had in there, but I don’t know if he had more out in the fields or another part of the farm. Have you tried calling them to ask? They speak English and are quite friendly.

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