Day 196: A Baby Shower

Today was a beautiful day. We woke up to a surprise snow fall overnight.

This was our view as we were getting into our van to go to school. I was so thankful that we have a vehicle and don’t have to ride our bikes, like the locals.

After drop off, I was busy getting ready for Amy’s baby shower. In America, we celebrate the upcoming birth of a child by gathering women friends and bringing gifts for the new mom and baby. Food and drinks are served and everyone tends to dress up. Sometimes games are played. The mother-to-be opens her gifts in front of her guests. We had such a great time celebrating her new baby girl who should be joining us very soon. I love celebrating together with women and sharing stories.






We also included some Dutch traditions such as Beschuit and Muesjes that are seved after the baby is born, and Dutch congratulatory banners.



Here are more pictures of our hostess flowers.




After the girl time, it was time to pick up the kids and the weather had changed again! What a gorgeous day.


Hope you have a great afternoon too!

6 thoughts on “Day 196: A Baby Shower

    • well. at least you finished it and didn’t have it post mid writing… lol. Love the pictures of the morning snowfall and the green grass in the afternoon. Beautiful!!!

  1. So pretty! You were represented last night at Elizabeth’s shower too. I loved the shark robe you sent her. How adorable! It got the whole room saying “Aaaaaaaaaagh! How cute!”

    • Marcia, thanks for helping me to be a part of E’s shower by wrapping the gifts I sent. I was bummed to miss this event. However, Amy’s shower was very nice today. Thanks for hosting the party for E. you’re such a great friend!

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