Day 190: Challenge Day

I wasn’t looking for lizards today, nor was I looking for a challenge. But sometimes you’re confronted with things you don’t expect. Some make you laugh, and some make you sad. The lizards made me stop and smile and ponder what they were doing there in the middle of the Leideseplein in an empty field and all over the walls. I’ve never heard of them before nor had I seen them in a guide book. They were just there and they didn’t seem to belong, but they were fun to see. I got a kick out of this little surprise.


The Leidseplein Lizards!





Leaping Lizards – kinda creepy when you’re not expecting them!

My challenge day was not so fun. It was definitely a challenge and made me very uneasy and nervous and sad. I don’t wish to share the details of the private challenge, however I do want to share the experience of dealing with it.

I had to practice several different skills to address it, face it, process it, accept it and wait.

Waiting is challenging in itself. Not having control over a situation is another challenge. Feeling hurt and staying positive and calm is another challenge. Staying neutral and unemotional was another. So within the main challenge, were several other challenges to deal with along side the main issue. And there were several people involved and several possible outcomes to consider.

And in the end, right prevailed.

Being loving won.

And learning and experiencing and growing bloomed.

And for the person(s) who created the challenge, I wish you peace and love.

We need more love and less anger.


2 thoughts on “Day 190: Challenge Day

  1. I am so sorry that you had to deal with something unpleasant, and challenging today. I am so proud of you that you faced it head on, and with a positive and kind approach. It is your wonderful character, and your ability to have people see different points of view so you can come to terms that benefit all parties concerned. You are so special, and everyone that knows you will feel the same as I do!! Love you! Your mama

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