Day 189: The Dutch Resistance Museum

20130130-235011.jpgPatty and I went to the Dutch Resistance Museum today in Amsterdam.  It was supposed to be a Girls’ Day in the city, but several of the girlfriends had to stay home because there is a nasty bug going around and several of the kids stayed home from school. I hope everyone is feeling better and staying healthy.

As part of my Wanderlust Wednesdays, today I wanted to learn a bit more about history. I have to say I still feel overwhelmed and intrigued and curious about World War 2, especially now that I’m living in Europe. I was trying to make sense of the timeline and to make personal connections between the German occupation of the Netherlands and how my mom’s family was affected by it and how they chose to leave the Netherlands for a better life in America, 15 years after the war ended.  Some of the connections I was pondering included 9/11 and gay marriage and bullying in schools. Of course, I’ll have to think a bit more and for a longer period of time to address these connections more deeply, and develop my own thesis… perhaps another blog post when it’s not after midnight!

I have to admit, my making sense of it didn’t quite make much sense just yet, but left me thirsting for more knowledge. I still have more questions than answers.  I’m sure I could study this subject for years and still not know everything!  I know I feel compassion for the Jewish people and for all who lived during the Hitler days. It must have been very difficult to be who you were and to be proud of your identity. I feel compassion for the people who did not know any better or didn’t know how to best help those who were discriminated against without fearing for their own safety. If you have any resources to share to help me learn more in an easily, digestible way, please let me know!

My biggest take away is that so many people and groups of people were affected by hate and discrimination and oppression. I can’t say that I understand evil and evil motives, but I know they exist.  I just hope that I can live my daily life in such a way that I can stay positive and share the light of love and hope and faith with all whom I associate. And when I make a mistake or hurt someone, I hope that I have the power to apologize and make things right.

I hope we all continue to bring sunshine out into this world the best we know how and spread love, not hate.  Namaste.






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