Day 187: Yoga and Tea

Who knew that yoga and tea went together?

I’ve had 3 cups of tea today and each one made me smile.

The first cup was served after my yoga practice. We all sat on the ground and enjoyed a warm cup of tea together. I loved this and think its a great way to rehydrate and start your day.


The next cup I had while working on the computer before picking up the kids from school. I received a box of tea for Christmas from Karina and just realized it’s called Yogi Tea! How appropriate. Each tea bag has a saying attached to the string, and I feel like I’m opening a fortune cookie. I love the little messages!


I just sat down to relax after dinner, cleanup, homework help, and finishing the baskets and baskets full of laundry, and tucked the kids into bed. Aaahhhh…cuddled up on the couch with my flurry blanket from California, with time for one last cup of relaxation before bed. Here’s the last little tidbit of Yogi Tea knowledge to share with you…


I hope you had a good day and found some time to exercise and relax and enjoy a quiet moment!


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