Day 184: Happy 6 Month Expat Anniversary

It was 6 months ago today that we left California for this wild adventure. I am thankful for this journey and experience and am glad we chose this decision, despite all the work and logistics and home withdrawals and adaptions we’ve had to make. I am loving learning Dutch, making new friends, and traveling and living in my mom’s home land. Life is good! Thank you all for supporting us and sharing this journey together.





6 thoughts on “Day 184: Happy 6 Month Expat Anniversary

  1. Thank you for sharing this experience with all of us. Your Journey as been our journey. I am glad that you are all enjoying this experience and can’t wait to read about the next 6 months. 🙂

  2. I am so happy you get to experience Holland when we are able to skate on natural ice, its Holland at its best. It is not every winter that we have this opportunity, sometimes its not freezing long enough to be able to skate, so you guys are lucky.
    I am seeing Holland through your eyes now, which is so cool!
    xx Josiene

    • It was a great day today. Jeff and I went shopping together for his work and the picture of the canal is from in front of his office, while we were dropping off his office supplies. The road was blocked by men moving building supplies up through the top floor window with some sort of crane!! Afterwards, when I was coming home from the mall, one of the streets was filled with local families playing ice hockey, skating, sledding and just walking in the ice with friends and children in strollers. I wanted to park and join them!! They all looked like they were having so much fun!! I bought the kids ice skates today and hope to take them out tomorrow before the ice melts!! Definitely something we’ve never experienced!! The last picture is of us playing on the Xbox kinect with some kind of sports competition. We wet jumping all around laughing so hard. Thanks for being my friend and making me feel so welcome and a part of this community!! I love that you’re helping me with my Dutch too. Tot ziens. Love, Adriana

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