Day 183: Some Things I Love About Holland

There are several things I Iike about Holland. Today I was happy by finding beautiful and inexpensive flowers and precut veggies ready for cooking. Not only do I like that they are ready to go, but also that I don’t have to think of which veggies to include in the mix.

After grocery shopping, I was able to put together a Thai yellow chicken curry with mixed vegetables in 20 minutes!

I also picked up a winter season special to make homemade pea soup, which is very popular here. All the ingredients you need are nicely packaged into one container. I never liked pea soup until I recently tried it again at Ineke’s house and loved it!

When you need something sweet and salty, these are two of my favorite Dutch treats: Stroopwafels and Drop!

Looks like I love food and flowers! I also like seeing people biking everywhere, but I didn’t take any pictures of them today. What do you love about Holland?

6 thoughts on “Day 183: Some Things I Love About Holland

  1. I love the fact that I’m there in less than an hour (I live right over the border in Antwerp (Belgium). And the fact that they have “De Efteling”, a theme park you have to go visit if you haven’t yet!

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