Day 182: The Arts & Music & Drama

Today Juliana invited Jeff and I to come watch her drama performance. The good news is that she invited us. The communication process at her school is less than stellar! Only about 5 parents came to see the performance, out of 40 kids between the music and drama classes. How sad because I know other parents would have liked to have been part of the celebration had they known about it!!

The kids had to write their own scripts, work as a team, memorize their lines and perform in front of an audience. Each skit carried a meaningful message. After the shows, the teacher had them think about their work and performed an after action review, identifying best practices and lessons learned. She made them think about the significance of their work and why it was important. I loved this process! And I loved their responses.

What I learned is that music and the arts are an important part of a child’s learning. I know sometimes they want to cut these programs from school budgets and its a tragedy. The kids were learning to practice, rehearse, be part of an ensemble, perform, and to feel a sense of accomplishment and a sense of pride! They worked on team building skills and learned how important it is for every member to show up and do their best. I loved being a part of the audience and a part of her learning process.


After watching her perform, I headed up to the city for the day. This guy got on the tram next to me smelling like pot and holding a joint in his hand! I think this is legal here!!

Wednesday is now my Wanderlust Day. Every Wednesday I plan to go into Amsterdam and walk around and explore and get lost. I want to figure out how to navigate around the neighborhoods and know how to find my way around. I’m not so good with a map and there is so much to see and learn about in this magnificent city! I met up with my friend Cami and we wandered round Leidseplein and ended up at Blue. This is a great place to see a 360 degree view of the city. I love the wide open feel from high above and there aren’t many places like this. I highly recommend you check it out!

Happy Hump Day!!

6 thoughts on “Day 182: The Arts & Music & Drama

  1. Adriana,
    You have me wondering what your daughter and her classmates came up with to perform? Would you be willing to share that with us? Oh how I wish I could have a wanderlust day myself lol. I guess I will just live through you and all your beautiful pictures. Happy Hump day to you!!!

    • Their plays all had a message – some had to do with bullying, others with survival skills and getting through school, and how to be a good friend. Everyone had to develop their character and they directed themselves. It was pretty cool to watch what they could do and to see their creativity and empowerment, and how they adapted their plays to accomodate sick members. They are smart tweens!

  2. Well, you know my take on the Arts..:) so wonderful to see the creativity flowing through other countries and students.. Sounded like so much fun for J! I am so proud of her and the school that brings this to life! Enjoy every drop..:) A SHINY experience , indeed..:) xo

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