Day 175: Beauty in the City and New Drivers Licenses

It was cold and sunny this morning and the lighting was beautiful. Jeff and I had an appointment with the town hall to turn in our California drivers licenses in exchange for Netherlands licenses. It felt a bit weird handing them over, but that’s what’s required. They want you to do this exchange within 6 months of living here and we’re fast approaching that milestone. How did that happen so fast?

If you’re an expat in the Netherlands, the agency that handles this process is called CBR and the forms can be found on their website: Once you receive a letter from them, you can schedule an appointment with the town hall. You need to bring the CBR letter they send you with the application information, your passport, drivers license, residency card, and a copy of your 30% ruling, along with a passport photo. And don’t forget your 45€! All went smoothly.

On for the good part…here are some beautiful pictures of the snowscape and sunshine today. I loved the lighting and the colorful, patchwork, scarf covered tree.










The other beautiful things I discovered today were at the Museum of Handbags and Purses in Amsterdam. A few girlfriends got together to explore the museum and to have lunch afterwards. Happy Birthday, to Carolyn!, I hope you enjoy the photos!! My favorite was the Diet Coke Purse, the lucite box bags, and the old Holland school bags(boxes) that used to serve as desks and supply boxes.








2 thoughts on “Day 175: Beauty in the City and New Drivers Licenses

  1. It’s cold here too! It is so pretty there, I miss my Holland. Maybe you can go iceskating soon. Stay warm and btw did you see the My Paper Bag in that museum too, the Original is displayed there. Enjoy your stay! P. xo

    • Pauline – I did see your My Paper Bag for sale in the gift shop and thought of you. What a small, little world we live in!! I didn’t see your bag on display in the museum, however I wasn’t there for very long and must have just missed it! Congratulations. I hope business is going well. Love, Adriana

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