Day 165: Triple Threat


Today was rough.

1. Woke up early to take Jeff to the airport. He didn’t sneak us in his luggage back to California!
2. Still sick, 3 days in a row… Ready for this to pass.
3. Charlie lost his new Christmas present from Santa – his iPod touch!

The thing that bothered me the most was the material thing, which is weird because I usually don’t care about stuff. I think being sick made me more emotional and that we’d have to tell Jeff made me even madder, and I already questioned myself whether or not he even needed/should have such a valuable item.

So there I was, lonely, sick and mad. And when I feel this way, I start cleaning! Isn’t that weird? In a sick way, I was hoping I’d find his device if I cleaned enough, but I really had a feeling he lost it while chasing the Dutch girls around the neighborhood, which also bugged me! I also went on icloud to track his device and it showed me that it was offline, which gave me a hint that it wasn’t in the house, otherwise it would have been connected to our wireless and shown us its location. I was able to turn on an alert on the phone to have the finder call me when it was found, but nothing was happening. So when I was done cleaning, and they were too… I wasn’t going to be the only one searching and scrubbing, the sun was out and we took the bikes out. We had to go back to the mall to recover the items he lost yesterday!! I called several stores and finally found the one that had his loot, so we were heading out to reclaim what was lost and to continue our search for the lost Apple.

On our search, we discovered where the Dutch girls lived and I rode up to them to apologize for my savages and to find out if they liked playing chase or not. One spoke English and the rest just Dutch. While we were chatting, a neighbor came out and helped translate. I explained our situation and introduced my beasts and hoped that the girls were having fun and didn’t feel threatened. All was well in the ‘hood and no worries. I then explained how my little monster lost his Apple while hunting and inquired if any of the beauties had perhaps picked it up. They had seen him tormenting them with it, taking their pictures like paparazzi, but did not see him drop it. I said my thanks and told them if they happened to find it while running around the village, that we would be most thankful for its return and well, if it didn’t show up again, hopefully next time he will listen to his mother and be nice to girls and leave his Apple at home!!

We went on our way, retracing his tracks and no luck. The one fenced off field where I would have to climb over a fence to go where they shouldn’t have been, I skipped since CJ said he’d already looked there 3 times and it was filled with weeds, sticks, overgrown bushes and detritus. Since the sun was out, I didn’t want to stop looking even though he swore he left it on my desk!! We kept searching and no luck. But the house is clean!!

I locked up our castle for the night, closed the curtains and was preparing dinner. We were still feeling quite upset over the loss and lessons learned the hard way and all that good stuff, when the doorbell rang. Two little angels were standing there with smiles on their faces and presented us with a shiny, dewy and cold gift. They had found the golden Apple in the fenced off field where they all had been playing, and they came by to rescue my little monster prince from his forlorn state of misery and sadness!

And all was good again. Charlie paid the beauties each 5 euros from his Christmas money to thank and reward them for his valuable lesson and for their kindness. They smiled and waved and ran off together excited by all the goodness!

Phew… Thank God they’re all going back to school tomorrow! It’s been a long 3 weeks off and we’re all ready to get back in a routine again!!


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