6 thoughts on “Day 159: Happy New Year’s Eve

  1. Dear Adriana:

    I’m so enjoying your blog- you are an inspiration and I love seeing Europe through your eyes! Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.


    Marcia Chron

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Marcia — thank you for thinking of me and sharing the journey together. I know this must be an exciting year for you… isn’t your daughter going off to college?? Wow! I can’t imagine and know I’ll be calling for advice soon enough. Happy New Year and thank you for your comments here. Love, Adriana

    • Thank you! We enjoyed her birthday, although had to change our plans as everything was closed and the spa wouldn’t let her in for a massage until she turns 16! Oh well…. just gotta flow with what comes your way I guess. I hope you’re enjoying the New Year, with my Mama and Pops!! Lucky!! xoxo

    • Just got your Christmas card in the mail today. Thank you for always thinking of me. Your family is beautiful and I still picture you pulling Stephanie in the wagon bringing Katie to Kindergarten!! 😉 Love you. – Adriana

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