Day 155: Goodbye Christmas!

We tend to clean up Christmas before New Year’s so that we can celebrate Juliana’s birthday in a fresh house. Today was the day we cleaned up Christmas and I’m so happy we cleared out the chaos and clutter, while still in our jammies.  It’s been a great, lazy day! Our Jewish neighbor stopped by and told us we were way to early to be clearing out the tree, that we should be waiting until January 6th, another holy day. We told him he could have our tree. He said that being Jewish was so much easier with just 8 candles to clean up. I told him next time we are coming back Jewish! I loved the banter and respect between both of us. He helped Jeff to bring the tree out the front window and gave us advice how to get rid of it. We have great neighbors.

And with the Christmas tree out of our little living room, there was room for Char and I to play with Kapla blocks in front of our bay window. What a great invention!!


2 thoughts on “Day 155: Goodbye Christmas!

  1. hi Adriana, love reading your daily blogs. i just showed Rover the picture from Charly playing Kapla. please tell Charly that Rover also loves to play with Kapla. xBarbara

    • Hi Barbara – I’ll email you privately to arrange for our boys to get together to play before they go back to school. Hope you’re having a good time on vacation! Charlie misses Rover too. – Chat soon!! – Adriana

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