Day 154: Fun Day After Christmas


All I can say is I’m so glad we stayed home for Christmas this year. We all slept in this morning and that’s a gift in itself. And the rest of the day was pretty chill too.

Jeff and I went for a run through the forest and the sun was shining, which is a big deal here. When we came back, I took the kids out for a run too! Although by the time we got out, it was raining again. We made it through our run in the rain with a few complaints, but I made it fun for them by running to the town center where the only store open was McDonald’s. and of course we had to indulge in a few “healthy” snacks. But we did run there, so that cancels out anything bad we consumed, right??

In Holland, the Second Day of Christmas is also a holiday and everything is closed. Can you imagine no after Christmas shopping? yeah, it was pretty nice! Its probably a good thing for families to share seeing one another on one of three days to celebrate Christmas too. But for us, we just enjoyed another day of togetherness.

Running by the canal.

For Christmas, one of the gifts our family opened was a Day of Art together. We each had a canvas, paints, brushes and a wooden palette to mix our colors. This provided hours of entertainment. We all picked something related to Holland to paint. I would definitely do this again and recommend this project for you with friends and/or family.



Happy 2nd Day of Christmas, Friends!!

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